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Crown Entertainment provides atmosphere models, go-go dancers, bartenders, servers, promotional models, brand ambassadors and more. If you're having a fantasy football party and want to spice it up, hire a Crown Entertainment model. Participating in a trade show? Hire a Crown Entertainment model. From golf outings, sports themed parties, birthday parties, or any type of promotional gig hire a Crown Entertainment model. Our staff are all beautiful, intelligent, professional, experienced and reliable. Your event is sure to be a hit with our staff assisting you.


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Terms and Conditions

As required by Crown Entertainment, The agency will send the client a booking confirmation form containing the specific terms of the booking. This must be signed and returned by the client in order to secure the date and time of event.

Overtime - Overtime rates apply at time in excess of the agreed working period, rates will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Hourly Bookings - Minimum of two hours on all bookings. Talent must be paid for the full amount of time that they are booked, even if they are not used for the full amount of the booking time. Length of time must be stated at time of booking.

Deposits - A minimum 25% Deposit is required at time of booking. Deposits are refundable if notice of cancellation is 7 days or more, otherwise deposits are non refundable.

Cancellations - Confirmed bookings cancelled within 24 hours will be charged full rate.

Tentative Bookings – If the client does not confirm or release tentative bookings, the agency reserves the right to cancel.

Lingerie - Double hourly rate with a one-hour minimum on all lingerie bookings. All lingerie must be done on a closed set. Clients must provide changing facilities on all bookings, including locations.

Daily/hourly rate - A 'day' is an 8-hour period including one hour for lunch. An extra hour between 9am and 6pm is charged at the normal rate. Any booking which is over 5 hours will be charged at the day rate.

Travel - Any time spent by the model traveling to and/or from a client's venue will be charged. Fees will be negotiate on a case by base basis.

Other services - Additional fees are also payable for other services supplied by the model. For example, personal appearances, atmosphere modeling, IG Promoting…etc.  Fees for such services will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

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